Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Afternoon Easel


I've been working on this portrait of our beloved departed Border Collie Athena, on and off, for a couple years. For some reason I just haven't finished it. So today while feeling more quiet than usual I work on the small details that need work... namely, that darn Mexican blanket she is sleeping on. I'm reaching for the place where there is detail enough to define pattern but not so much that it is photo realism, not that I think I would have the stamina for that any more, it truly doesn't suit me.

Athena herself is looking pretty good, more work to be done in her black fur and small nuances with her freckles. It's that darn rug! It may very well be another 2 years before I call it finished. It is a nice diversion from the landscape images which makes me wonder... is a figure far behind?

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