Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Molly & Skye redux

Meadow Romp 12x12" oil on panel ©N Strasburg

Thank you Atkinson Gallery and Tif Sigfrids, Molly and Skye will make yet another local appearance in their favorite meadow. Skye takes center stage for this event in a larger painting in oil. Both girls are ecstatic about the exposure but have been booked at another gig, so will sadly miss the reception in October. They will be sending a representative to make sure they keep in good standing with all their fans.

Small Images 
Atkinson Gallery
Santa Barbara City College
Opening Reception Friday, October 3, 5-7pm
Show runs October 3 thru 3, 2014

Juror Tif Sigfrids will give a brief lecture 
from 4-5 on the day of the reception.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tonight 4-6pm WESTMONT

The Westmont Museum invitational 5x5 show opens this evening!
Tuesday, September 2 from 4-6pm

"Meadow Light" drypoint with Gouache 

Bidding started August 28th and will end sharply at 5pm September 11.
Come get your bid on.
Visit the auction page HERE

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

May 3rd Pop Up SHOP

A smorgasbord of visual treats from art to stationery, jewelry and purses, prints, stamps and stickers all housed in the lovely home of Liz Brady on a Saturday! Mark your calendars, one week from this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cousin Cleo, the kind hearted

We had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Cleo for an extended stay while her people were off to South America . Cousin {once or twice removed, I can't remember} to Molly & Skye. We had a blast in the mountains roaming the meadows and were lucky enough to have a few early spring snow days.

two gingers in the meadow

always a nose for trouble
vying for the stick

showing her airborne abilities
and taste for snow

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Afternoon Easel


I've been working on this portrait of our beloved departed Border Collie Athena, on and off, for a couple years. For some reason I just haven't finished it. So today while feeling more quiet than usual I work on the small details that need work... namely, that darn Mexican blanket she is sleeping on. I'm reaching for the place where there is detail enough to define pattern but not so much that it is photo realism, not that I think I would have the stamina for that any more, it truly doesn't suit me.

Athena herself is looking pretty good, more work to be done in her black fur and small nuances with her freckles. It's that darn rug! It may very well be another 2 years before I call it finished. It is a nice diversion from the landscape images which makes me wonder... is a figure far behind?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lapse and play

There has been too much on the plate and loads of fun in the California fair, winter weather. Doggies have been busy playing and living it up, wishing for snow but accepting the sun.

Rain arrived this month, thank goodness, and we are all back in the studio for some long overdue work. We'll post more as things take off. Until then, woof and happy spring... which is nipping at our heels.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year - new stock

A merry start to the new year: 2014. Wishing everyone a health-filled joyous year from me and the doggies. The year started with a long walk on the beach, painting and printing. It's not a terrible way to begin; exercise, laughing, loving up fur balls with a bit of work on the side.

"all in the family" holiday 2014

New in the SHOP are greeting cards pulled off the pages of my sketchbooks. Yes, yes, I know... more images of the furry muses. What can I say?! perhaps I was a wolf in a former life or just a pup that never got to grow up.

5x7" original etching greeting card

4.5x6" original etching greeting card
Did I mention that there are cool stickers in the shop too?! Stamps and cards and stickers wahoo!

Best to all for a raucous 2014. xo