Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year - new stock

A merry start to the new year: 2014. Wishing everyone a health-filled joyous year from me and the doggies. The year started with a long walk on the beach, painting and printing. It's not a terrible way to begin; exercise, laughing, loving up fur balls with a bit of work on the side.

"all in the family" holiday 2014

New in the SHOP are greeting cards pulled off the pages of my sketchbooks. Yes, yes, I know... more images of the furry muses. What can I say?! perhaps I was a wolf in a former life or just a pup that never got to grow up.

5x7" original etching greeting card

4.5x6" original etching greeting card
Did I mention that there are cool stickers in the shop too?! Stamps and cards and stickers wahoo!

Best to all for a raucous 2014. xo