Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ms. Molly by Teresa Zepeda

Molly ©2012 Teresa Zepeda

{detail Molly} ©2012 Teresa Zepeda
Teresa Zepeda, artist extraordinaire. This is a silkscreen and more than that, a reductive silkscreen. Which means this, it is made from one screen, each color successively blocked out starting from white to black. Teresa uses this medium in a way like no other, using a small paint brush and her eagle eye to make all that delicious texture within the frame.

At the same time, her ability to be one with her subject and capture the expression of a beloved pet or the dizzying effect of a carnival ride. I'm smitten and ever grateful for this amazing depiction of my beloved Ms. {firecracker redhead} Mollykins.

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