Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Winter Worktable

It's beginning to look a lot like ...... snow! Winter! The season of white is here and there are high hopes for plenty of snow and rain this winter here on the dry coast of California. The animals are calling for it, the trees are desperate for it and the lakes are too low for comfort. Not to mention that the winter is such a delicious time of year, playing, cozying up to the fire and a good book, and doing indoor projects... like painting or making stamps.

First big snow in the Los Padres Forest
The dogs are in heaven.
So much fun to be had with plenty of powder.
News in the shop? .... The stickers have arrived and are now available in my Etsy shop. I'm smitten and I want to put them on EVERYTHING! Great for envelopes, packages, stationery, ummmm clothing. HA.

The elves are all bustling packing up stamps to get into the hands of holiday makers and gift givers. Two Dog gratitude and happy stamping.